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12 August 2009 @ 07:15 pm
week six: 1.17, 1.18, 1.19  

This week's episodes:
· 1.17 - I think we should have sex
· 1.18 - Extended families
· 1.19 - Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Discussion ideas:
- The Riggins: Walt's behavior, Tim's reaction, Tyra's involvement, Billy's awesomeness in the end.
- Julie and Matt (not) having sex & the Taylor's reaction
- Jason, Herc, training camp in Austin, Lyla and the adorable Suzy Q. Also, Jason not making the team: right or not? How does this affect him?
- Buddy cheating on his wife: should Pam forgive him? What if it had really been a one-time thing? Is Pam more worried about her reputation than anything else?
- Smash, Weaverly and her disease.
- Tim and Bo. And Tim and pedo!mummy Jackie. Is what they're doing wrong considering Tim's age? How about considering the fact that Bo could get hurt?
- TMU's offer and Julie's reaction. What's more important: Eric's career, of Julie's happiness in Dillon?
- Tami and her new project: Tyra. How awesome is Tami from one to ten? (The right answer is 100, by the way ;)) How about Angela's reaction: is she trying to protect her daughter from failure, does she think Tyra can't do it, is it something else?
- Matt worried for the game & Jason helping. Squee'ing on Jason coaching Matt with Tim and Smash's help is encouraged. ;)
- Tim and Jason make up! Finally! Too soon? Too late? Can they really go back to the relationship they had before?
babyarababyara on August 13th, 2009 09:01 am (UTC)
Part 1
#: you start with a difficult point of discussion this week. It isn’t easy to talk about Riggins’s family. Walt is an asshole {but I think that in English that’s a better word to describe him!!!} ! There’s no other words to call this man. In fact, although the times that I see the show, I never understand his behavior. What wants he from his sons? He wants to find a way to fix the things? And if that what he wants why at the end he acts like an asshole? I don’t know and, sincerely, I don’t want to enter into his mind. I hate him. And for me he can be everything except a father. He betray Tim again. He steals the camera at the team, and never for a moment he thinks about what that mean for his own son. That’s completely stupid! I cry all the time when I look at what Tim do to… to what? Punish himself? Yes, I think that the only thing that Tim wants is to punish himself to believe in this man. Although what Billy said to him he commits a mistake, believing in this man. I think that that’s one of the most bad moment for Tim in all the three seasons. Tyra, well… she involves because her friend calls her. Luckily she calls Billy, I think that the things could be more difficult if she goes alone. Billy… how much I love him here? How much I love the way that he protects his little brother? Billy could have all the defects of this world but one thing is sure: his love for Tim.

#: Matt and Julie how much cute are they? I appreciate the fact that they don’t have sex. That isn’t the right moment to have. They show to be two mature people. I like Taylor’s reaction. The only thing that matter is that Julie is safe when she comes back home.

#: like I said Jason finds a way to go away in quad rugby. I love that Herc proposes to Jason to go with him in Austin because that’s exactly what Jason needs in this difficult moment of his life, because he tried to find his way and Herc gives him a chance to try something different. Lyla… are you sure to want know what I think about her? XD Okay, I understand that she don’t pass a good moment with her family but… come on girl -.- She really do a bad behavior at the party, she shows is worst in front of all Jason’s friends. If I’m in him I really take her, putting into her car, sending her backs to Dillon!!! Awwww Suzie I love her and her relation with Jay. She understands him like Lyla never do. They’re really cute together and I’m sorry to not see her for more time {I’ve got to rewrite the word five time… I wrote Tim… now, how sick am I? XD}. I’m sorry that Jay don’t pass the selection for the team, but like the coach say he needs more time to learn. But especially he needs to grow up and accepts his handicap.

#: uhm I understand Pam and I’m on her side. Because like she says to Lyla that isn’t the first time that Buddy cheats she. I don’t think that she thinks about her reputation but at the good of his children. That isn’t an easy situation for her. Chits

#: poor Smash. Seriously I don’t want to be in his situation. Wave’s disease is really bad and dangerous. Many people that have this kill himself. Smash is young and all this things is too big for him. I like that he manage to convince Wave to talk to Corinna. She’s a nurse and even if she isn’t a doctor she can help them.
babyara: {fnl} tim/jason: 119babyara on August 13th, 2009 09:02 am (UTC)
Part 2
#: awwwwww Tim and Bo *__________* How sweets is Tim with Bo? He acts like a big brother with him, in fact I don’t like babies too much, but Bo is really nice XD I love is way to do and ‘Tim Riggins’. XD Uhm Jackie… I don’t know in fact I don’t really think about their relationship because I’m agree with Billy when he said that she leave him soon or later. Yes, the only think that the both of them have to think about his Bo’s reaction because he really really likes Tim. But I think that what happens isn’t Tim’s fault. Between them is Jackie the older one, she has to think about her son!!! Tim is a young man… and for him well… she’s a woman and we know how much Tim Riggins loves girls XD

#: uhm at the first time I think at Julie because she finds so many things in Dillon. Friends and Matt… but at the same time I think at the big opportunity for Eric to go to TMU. That’s his dream… that isn’t easy because both of them have their reasons. And that’s all good reasons.

#: my answer is exactly 100 XD Because that’s true. I like the way that Tami takes care of this young people and especially for Tyra. Tyra needs that someone like Tami believe in her and Tami knows that. She has the capacity to understand what this students need. I think that that’s the right work for Tami *.* I don’t like Angela’s behavior. I don’t like the way that she takes Tyra from Taylor’s house. But I think that she has scare. She doesn’t want that her daughter dream her future not because she doesn’t believe in her, but because she has scare about the disappointment that Tyra could have if she can’t realize her owns dream.

#: *________________________________________________* best moments on the field *.* Matt needs Jason. Jason knows football. Jason knows what Matt can do. I LOVE I LOVE <3 This scenes of them is one of my favorite.

#: just two words: TEXAS FOREVER <3 and my heart is finally happy. Too much time, really too much. Nine episodes… I can die waiting this moment… how gorgeous are they? Tim’s face when he asks ‘Friends?’ and Jason’s smile when he answers ‘Yeah, always’. The best moment between them. A few words but that have a big impact on me. Few words that show us what they are. What they relationship friendship is… Love, best FNL’s moment!!! And yes, they can go back… because we can’t forget one small thing: they’re Six and Riggs and they can overcame all together *.*
Whitneywhitter78 on August 18th, 2009 04:58 am (UTC)
I somehow missed this post!! I haven't rewatched these episodes yet, but I'm planning on it and I'll be back to answer the questions!
crazyboltonlass: fnl: coachcrazyboltonlass on August 19th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
I've only watched 1x17 thus far, this is one of my favourite episodes of the entire season.

Of course, Eric doesn't know how it is! Eric is Buddy's best friend, Tami is Coach's best friend.

Coach wiping his foot on the Riggins' lawn. He takes improvising really seriously!

"Hands off my tapioca, Matthew." I love Grandma Saracen.

"The talk" kills me every time, I love the attention to detail with Tami looking a her wedding photo.

There's so much excellent stuff in this episode.

I caught up with the others. Do you think that the guy refusing to sell beer to Jason is playing Guy Raston there or not.

Julie's "we're moving again." was interesting. I always wanted to know how long the Taylors had been in Dillon. I knew that this season was his first as the guy in charge, but they muddled me a little with that.

Stonehenge Two, they actually call it that too. And I'm afraid I haven't been to the original.

I still find it too funny that Kyle incorporated his real life into the show, the chilli storyline!

I find it more concerning knowing that we now know Tim's age. He's pretty great with Bo, though.

I love the scene with the boys on the pitch at the end, beautifully shot too. Father/Daughter Dance = ♥

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