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12 August 2009 @ 06:54 pm
week five: recap  
I swear on the holy Panthers Playbook :P that I won't skip any more weeks. You can send coach here to kick my ass if I do.

Episodes 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
Top 5: Storylines

Not episode-specific
· It's Not a Silly Moment by storydivagirl. As Matt & Julie's one month anniversary approaches, Landry and Grandma Saracen come up with an idea.

Episode 1.13
· Every Ten Minutes by chelseafrew. It's Jason's first day back at school. Tim-centric.
· Alone in a Crowd by chelseafrew. Coach Taylor talks to Tim.
· It Takes a Town by 1407greymalkin. Ensemble, PG. Crossover of sorts with Extreme Home Makeover, in which the team makes over the Street's house.

Episode 1.14
· Don't forget, not a mother by cianconnell. Set during Upping the Ante, and inspired entirely by approximately one second that was played out on-screen—the expression on Billy’s face, after Tim was whisked away by the rally girls for the calendar photo shoot. R for language.
· Signs by treehero. Pre-series. Focuses on the Riggins family before Walt left, in particular on one afternoon at the lake with Jason.

Episode 1.15
· Perfection Uses Many Disguises (or; Five Smells Matt Saracen Tried to Use in an Attempt to Seduce Julie Taylor) by noblealice. Matt/Julie. Smutty fluff R.

· Episode 1.13 by typicrobots.
· Episode 1.14 by typicrobots.
· Episode 1.15 by typicrobots.
· Episode 1.16 by typicrobots.